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Would you like to be happy? Then, Julie can help you deal with what’s stopping you.

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Alcohol Abuse, Public Speaking, PTSD, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, OCD, Social Anxiety, Phobias and Motivation.

Professional Services

Affordable & Private ONLINE Counselling

Suitable for those who cannot attend Julie’s Clinic and just need to ‘talk to someone’. Julie will help you address your problems in a positive way by helping you clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.


Counselling, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy in Julie’s Clinic

Julie is qualified to help you with either Counselling or Psychotherapy. Counselling refers to short-term treatment for a particular problem. Psychotherapy usually refers to longer-term treatment for complex issues that are having a negative effect on a person’s life. There can be a lot of overlap between the two approaches. Julie will help you define which approach will help you best.

Book Julie for Workplace Training

Julie can customise an effective and cost efficient Stress Management Programs to suit your organisations needs OR give a professional presentation on a Mental Health topic: e.g. Building Better Relationships; How to stay Calm under Pressure; Mindfulness and Meditation.

EMDR: Releasing the Past & Embracing the Future

Eye Movement Desentisation and Reprocessing is a extremely effective cognitive technique used to transform negative emotions, memories and self-defeating beliefs resulting from painful life experiences. Very effective for Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks and PTSD.

How many balls do YOU juggle in life?

Do you find you are constantly running around fixing everything for everyone else and can’t seem to find time for yourself?

Let Julie help you get the balance you need.

Fearless Public Speaking

Taking the fear out of every presentation

Building Better Relationships

Clarify the underlying issues, identify alternative communication strategies and develop skills to enhance any relationship.

Alcohol Abuse

Its not about giving up its about YOU taking back control

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: it’s all in the mind. Proven results. Portion Control. Motivated and Confident.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Julie utilizes EMDR therapy to alleviate the psychological symptoms caused by PTSD.


Julie’s proven techniques will give you the tools to deal with Anxiety, and hypnosis to build a sense of being OK and feeling safe.

Panic Attacks

Get help for those overwhelming feelings of fear and the heart pounding and hard to breath feeling that comes with a panic attack.


Phobias are very real. Let me help you break through your fear and live more fully.


Julie McDonald

Hello, and welcome to my site. I have been assisting people for well over 17 years to dramatically improve their life because I am passionate and qualified about helping people get the results they want.

I have a warm, empathetic and professional approach to assist you in dealing unwanted negative emotions and issues.

On stage and in my books, I share how I have overcome adversities and achieve a life of success and happiness.  From learning how to meditate at such a young age, and then gaining formal qualifications in Communication, Education, Modern Psychology, NLP, EMDR, CBT, MBSR, Coaching, EFT and Hypnosis, I will help you leave the past behind, live in the now and look forward to a happy future.

I offer you, genuine and down to earth solutions which will get results. I sincerely believe people can change and overcome their fears including self-sabotaging behaviours and biological imprinting. As a mother, wife, friend and business women, I walk the talk and continue to challenge myself in further education and developing programs that HELP YOU.

I am available to you via my programs, personal coaching, in my clinic or via Skype.

More About Me


I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome obstacles and find happiness

Professional Associations


National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia


Recognized by State and Federal Governments, Private Health Funds and industry bodies as the premier body for hypnotherapists in Australia.


Australian Hypnotherapists Association


Australia’s leading independent national registration and industry premier body representing and promoting the interests of the Australian hypnotherapy sector.


Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists Society


A dynamic, progressive association at the cutting edge of new developments in hypnotherapy, representing the best hypnotherapists who meet our high professional standards.

Whether you have too much anxiety, are suffering from difficult emotions, or have troubling addictions, Julie is here to help you.

See How Julie Can Help You Overcome Your Limitations, Addictions, and Barriers to Success