An instant Calming technique

An instant Calming technique

An exellent technique to use when you feel aggitated, stressed or overwhelmed:

  1. SMILE, but make it a ‘sparkle smile’.  Twinkle the eyes and if in public, do this inwardly to avoid a reaction of a stranger you sparkled at. The idea is to get the facial muscles out of the grim pose of a ‘dog going into battle’.
  2. Whilst you are sparkling, give yourself an alert yet amusing thought‘this is important to calm my mind and my body’.
  3. Take an easy and long deep breath.  If it helps, imagine there are holes in the bottom of your feet as you are breathing in. This will engage the diaphragm and allow for oxygen to get to your mind. Inhale this breath up through your feet, legs, stomach to experience warmth flowing through your body.
  4. Exhale the breath back down the stomach, legs and feet. Letting your jaw, tongue and shoulders go limp, feeling the heaviness and tension leave the body.

Let me know how you go in the comments below?

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