How to achieve a state of un-flappable-ness

How to achieve a state of un-flappable-ness

The other day, I had a particularly hectic schedule with lots to do and a client said I was ‘unflappable’, which I took as a compliment and it gave me quite a random ‘pick me up’.
It’s a funny word ‘unflappable’ as I think it presumes we usually live in a state of flapping – which doesn’t sound pleasant at all.  This state of un-flapping could be analysed further, but I think I will stop right here, as I could end up flapping about my analysis!

Anyway, I wondering how I do ‘unflappable’, and I thought I would share it with you:

  1. I accept the unexpected as I think chaos and change are normal.  For example, when I’m stuck in traffic or experiencing something unpleasant, I ask myself “Is there anything I can do to change it right now?”  If Yes, then I do it, if No, then I make the most of what is happening and just accept it.
  2. When I am aware of any negative self-talk, I say to myself “This thought is not making me feel good, therefore I will think of something pleasant”.
  3. I take regular breaks during the day and leave my working environment.  E.g. I go outside and into nature, practice mindful eating and take in deep breaths.
  4. Each morning, I take a Daily Sabbatical (15 to 30mins) in meditation and reading for deep reflection, self-renewal, and personal centeredness.  I set my intention for the day.  This intention is something I compose, like a mantra) a short, clear, positive statement that focuses on what I need to get through the day.  E.g. I am grateful for living a calm and focused life; today is a day where I am full of confidence and boundless courage.
  5. I work off a To Do list.
  6. I choose my words wisely, as I am aware of what we think and say is ‘creating’ our world.
  7. Treat myself to time for ME – walk on the beach, visit my favourite café, meet up the ‘girls’, go for a bike ride and of course, paint.
  8. Regular hugs with family and friends, the benefits of a warm and meaningful hug are enormous.
  9. I visualise myself ‘calm’ to help get through ‘sticky’ conversations.
  10. I knit each night – a beautiful way to end the day.
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