How to solve problems

How to solve problems

Feeling angry, anxious, and stressed and can’t seem to find solutions to problems or calm down easily anymore? Well, welcome to the postmodern experience.

Let’s face it, having to deal with problems can really suck, making you feel paralysed and out of control. Whatever the scale of your issues, there are steps you can do to do.

Scientists are terming aquatic environments Blue Mind Science—and their studies show that it can offer the cure for your blues and it’s free.

So here is what you do:

  1. Choose which BLUE SPACE experience you can do e.g. the beach, the lake, the river, the pool.
  2. Make an Intention e.g. I will find a sense of peace and calm on the beach OR A solution to my problem will come to me by the end of my walk.
  3. Enter/go to the BLUE SPACE. (For me it’s going to the beach).
  4. Allow yourself to soak up the surroundings, using all your senses…smell what you smell, hear what your hear, see what you see, feel what you feel and REALLY BE PRESENT in this experience. ENJOY IT. Making sure you breathe in deeply whenever you can.
  5. Use your Peripheral vision to look out and around you (e.g. eyes up – this will help you clear your mind). Avoid looking down (Foveal vision – you will feel emotions more in this vision).
  6. Wallah! For me, the end of my walk, my mind gives me the solution PLUS I feel so much more relaxed.
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