Meditation made him cry

Meditation made him cry

It never ceases to amaze me how ridiculously effective meditation is. Let me tell you what I mean……………….(fictional name but a real client)
Sam is a 45 year old man and very unhappy. He came to be 2 months ago with problems sleeping because he was involved in a work accident 5 years ago and he was suffering a lot of back pain.
But his real problem was drinking too much. He also smoked to calm his nerves and escaped life with a bit of pot on the weekend.
Sam was open to me teaching him how to regulate and help himself with Meditation. I know it is evidence based, but I wanted to see it worked on addictions.
I taught him how to:

  1. manage his thoughts, using the River Meditation,
  2. how to change his thinking with the “I AM” meditation and
  3. how to manage his pain using a beautiful Allow Meditation.

Yesterday, Sam sat in my chair and during this sessions meditation, he just had tears running down his face.  Tears of pure joy.
Over our weeks together, he had stopped his drinking, stopped the smoking, including the pot. Through his tears he said, “I can’t believe I can ‘calm my mind’ myself.  Nothing else has worked!”

Well, was I happy?   YES  (and a bit surprised at how successful it really was)

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