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Julie can offer you personal, therapy and professional assistance with this Public Speaking program. She has been a member Toastmasters; an International Guest Speaker;  Corporate training courses on how to be a Professional Speaker and has been an active member of The National Speakers Association. She now regularly speaks to non profit organisations to assist in Overcoming Adversities, Anxiety, Fears and how to improve their Mental Health.

Julie Mac’s Fearless Public Speaking program, is unique, tested, and has helped hundreds of people to stay calm, relaxed, in control and remember their words. Using hypnosis to overcome your fears is a proven technique and Julie will guide you through the hypnotherapy process in a calm and comfortable manner.

Fearless Public Speaking – taking the stress out of every presentation

Do these public speaking symptoms sound familiar?

  • Dry mouth
  • Legs turn to jelly
  • Feel sick in the stomach
  • Trembling
  • Sweaty hands
Julie’s Mac’s Fearless Public Speaking program consists of THREE personal sessions:
  1. The Initial Session is for 100 minutes to establish the issues and challenges. We roll up our sleeves and use hypnosis to assist in conquering your fears. We establish what to work on for the remainder of the program.
  2. The Second is 50 to 60 minutes. It continues with overcoming the fears using hypnosis and CBT.
  3. The Third session is 50 to 60 minutes ensures you will be successful with your speaking event.

The fee for this program, all inclusive is: $495   $335

You are brilliant. I just presented to 200 people on some quite sensitive topics in an auditorium. I felt nerves coming on but mentally acknowledged it as something happening that isn't me but just a feeling and carried on. It disappeared completely. Thank you



People’s #1 fear is Public Speaking. #2 is death!

Fear of public speaking is incredibly common, and not just with those with anxiety. While anxiety tends to fuel public speaking fears, nearly anyone can suffer from this type of phobia. Some have a fear of just speaking with their boss, while others will freak out with speaking in front of a group.


Public speaking anxiety is one of the most common fears shared amongst most of the general population and unfortunately these days few people have the tools necessary to overcome this fear.


Why Do You Fear Public Speaking?

Perhaps you are thinking “why me?” – anything could be the reason. The most common is the fear of being judged, which can stem from having a sense of insecurity or being told you are hopeless at public speaking.


Many people have to stand up in front of groups in their job, and it cannot be avoided. Even though you know what you are meant to say, you find you are standing there, in front of all those faces looking back at you and your words just dissolve. You want the floor to open up and disappear.

Sound familiar?


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