Tips to Overcome Adversity

Tips to Overcome Adversity

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.50.40 amWho likes difficult situations where you have to make decisions or do things you don’t want to do?  I will put up my hand and say: Yes I don’t like it, I would much prefer to have a happy and joyous existence. Unfortunately though, we don’t live in fairyland with tinkerbell.

Overcoming adversity is one of our main challenges in life.  When we can have the courage to confront and overcome it, we become an expert with acceptance of what is and consequently triumph over our day-today-struggles.
Ultimately, accepting that we will encounter hardships, difficult times and heart wrenching moments builds character and resilience and gives us the skills to conquer future obstacles.
Herodotus, the Greek philosopher said “Adversity has the effect of drawing our strength and qualities of a man that would have lain dormant in it’s absence”.

Here is what you do:

  • Decide whether you will allow this experience to make or break you. It’s all about perceptionhow you think about it will be how you experience it.
  • Mentally prepare yourself to accept the worst – usually this doesn’t happen anyway and you may find yourself feeling relieved rather than overwhelmed.
  • You will find the learning experiences and will better prepared for next time.
  • Take a deep breath – go outside and stretch, go for a walk and move the body.
  • Develop a positive attitude – the difficult times in life help us appreciate when things are going smoothly.
  • A belief: This time will pass, it will work out as it always does. (this is my favourite – my dad who is 86 told me this).
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