Your real life begins after putting your house in order

Your real life begins after putting your house in order

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 12.43.26 pmMy mastermind group and I were talking about decluttering our life and I thought I knew all about throwing things out as I’m not a hoarder by any means. I told the girls about my rule which was: If I didn’t use it in the last 2 years, then out it went.
My gorgeous friend Esther, handed me a book called ‘The life-changing magic of tiding up’ my Marie Kondo. It’s the Kon Mari Method of organsing your space, thoroughly and completely in one go. I thought yeah here is another way of doing something I’m good at, so I will just flick through this book.
Well, I did more than that. I couldn’t put the book down AND 50 bags disposed of already, and my life has been has begun to feel lighter and easier.
Here are just few points that I noted:

  • Choose what to KEEP not what to get rid of. Discard EVERYTHING that does not spark joy or make you feel happy.
  • Sort and decide in category, not place. e.g. jumpers, lay them all out, pick up one at a time and ask yourself : “does this give me pleasure (for clothes, I said to myself: does this make me feel sexy or elegant)”, if yes, then keep, if not, discard.
  • Leave the sentimental things until last. Touch each item, and ask does this bring me joy? It’s a hard one, I know, and Kondo suggests “…when we find we can’t let something go, there are only two reasons for this: attachment to the past or a fear of the future’, and I agree, so if it causes you pain, sadness or if you feel anxiety or fears, then get rid of it. It’s time to let it go.

I will be decluttering for a while longer, as going through everything is very time consuming yet exciting. I now firmly believe that decluttering the home is a detox for the mind, body and soul and truly transformational. Change has already begun, more joy, better energy for a new love and improved relationships with family, friends and self.

Thank you Esther.

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